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Born in Maastricht, The Netherlands, Saskia Slaaf currently lives and works in New York City as an Actress and Model. During her father’s sabbatical leaves (Professor and Chair of the Department of Biophysics at the University of Maastricht), she lived with her parents in Seattle (WA) and in Louisville (KY). As a result, she grew up bilingual (Dutch-English).

Saskia studied in Maastricht and in Louisville (KY) at the Youth Performing Arts School. She majored in Classical Ballet and Acting. Since then, she has lived in Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, and New York, where she is studying with Wynn Handman at the Wynn Handman Studio. US, Dutch, and worldwide audiences have seen and heard her as a principal in Commercials, Film, Voice-overs, and Television. Her voice work includes a wide range of European languages. She is fluent in Dutch, English, French, and German. She speaks Spanish at conversational level and is currently studying Russian and Received Pronunciation (RP), also referred to as Queen’s English. She does not only speak Standard American English (SAE) but can also speak the American language with several accents.

Saskia is a member of SAG-AFTRA. Her manager, Ken Park Talent, represents Saskia in New York for Film, Television, Commercials, and Print. There are numerous agents that she also freelances with in different departments of her talents.

Recently, Saskia has completed a film with Director Amos Kollek named “The Sumo Wrestler.” He is best known for the movie “Fast Food Fast Women,” which was nominated for the Golden Palm and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. Saskia portrays a troubled young woman named Carmen who is struggling to find her place in society while enrolled in a methadone program. Carmen is living with her stepfather, played by Amos Kollek himself, who is having a “midlife crisis,” along with the ex-wife of Carmen’s deceased mafia-related brother and the surrounding stepbrothers and sisters. This proves to be a completely dysfunctional family. Saskia gives a heartbreaking performance that is so tragic, yet hysterically funny.

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Saskia Slaaf

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 135 lb.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green